Up and Down

I cry over everything. Whether it is sad or happy. 

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saved :)

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Can I be that person?



The one thats constantly on your mind. That one person you would always reply so fast. The one your friends hear about every day of their lives. The one you check up on every now and then just to see how their day is going. The one that makes your day, the one that you’d do anything for. The one you smile non stop about. The one you can be your complete self around. The person you love more than anything

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I’ll get to know you more. Let’s wait and see.

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May mga bagay na kahit pilit ayusin, hindi na maaayos.

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Hiiii! Magandang Gabi :) Teheeee 

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Pain is so demanding. Always needing to be felt.

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Bat ba kasi ang dali kong pakiligin? Hays. Okay. Hays. pero ghaaaadd kinikilig ako. kbye haha 

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Mas maganda ka pa sa mga bituin sa langit —Anonymous

sinong anon ba to? :) hahah such a joker hays.

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Wag kasing umasa. Kasi nakamamatay. 

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Ano ba  ibig sabihin ng BAE guyth? please. hahaha 

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Kakauwi lang. Ang ganda nung sinabi ng pari kanina sa mass. :) 

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Hii! Good Morning :) Hahaha 

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Ikokontrol ko na yung sarili ko. hays. 

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"There are people who are:

Educated but UNHAPPY;

Rich but SAD;

Talented but DEPRESSED;

Beautiful or handsome but REJECTED;

What makes them that way?

According to the Wisest King SOLOMON:

"No matter how valued you are, life without God leads to emptiness."

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